ICSC webinar 2020

The pandemic situation has lead to changes in many plans, including postponement of the ICSC 2020 conference. To keep the spirit high and the community feeling warm, we organised an online event (webinar) that took place on 5th November 2020.

The topic of the webinar was…

Single bicycle crashes as a rising problem

The large majority of serious injuries among cyclists are due to single crashes and in a few countries the same applies to cyclist deaths. This special session will highlight the size of the problem, trends, existing data and knowledge and provide a discussion about why so little is known about causes and measures to address single-bicycle crashes.


15:00-15:05 Welcome (Aliaksei Laureshyn, Lund University / Sweden)
15:05-15:15 Introduction (Paul Schepers, SWOV / The Netherlands) pdf
15:15-15:35 Single-bicycle crashes and infrastructure maintenance (Anna Niska, VTI / Sweden) pdf
15:35-15:45 Q & A
15:45-15:55 Break
15:55-16:15 Traffic safety of e-bikes and technical solutions to increase cycling safety (Oliver Maier, Bosch / Germany) pdf
16:15-16:35 Single-bicycle crashes and alcohol (Noora Airaksinen, University of Eastern Finland / Finland) pdf
16:35-16:50 Long-term consequences of single-bicycle crashes (Karin Klein Wolt, VeiligheidNL / The Netherlands) pdf
16:50-17:00 Q & A


The session was chaired by Paul Schepers, SWOV (the Netherlands). He is an expert on road safety for vulnerable road users, human factors in road design, and risk-based road safety policy. Paul worked for the Dutch national road authority (Rijkswaterstaat) as a senior road safety consultant between 2005 and 2019. He obtained his PhD at Delft University of Technology in 2013 with the thesis entitled ‘A safer road environment for cyclists’.

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