Presentation formats

Three presentation formats are offered during the conference:

1. Full oral presentation.  The presenter gets the stage for 13-14 minutes which should also leave space for a couple of questions.

2. Short oral presentation. The presenter gets the stage for 6-7 minutes, no questions.

At the end of all oral sessions the authors will be asked to stay longer to allow interested people in the audience ask further questions in face-to-face settings.

3. Poster presentation. Authors are asked to prepare a poster which will be displayed during the entire conference. The authors must be present at their poster during specially devoted poster session time (ca 50 minutes) to be able to discuss their results with the audience. Each poster authors will also have an opportunity to make a poster pitch talk (ca 2 minutes) during an oral session with the relevant topic.

The decision on the presentation format for each submission is made by the Organising Committee (Steering Committee + Conference Hosts) based on the submission scores set by the reviewers, its novelty and anticipated interest for the conference attendees and, finally, based on the number of available time slots.

For oral presentors, the submission of a full paper is required (this goes for both scientific and short technical papers). For poster presentations, submission of a full paper is recommended, but not required.

Full scientific papers were considered for recommendation to the journal special issue regardless to whether they were presented orally or as a poster.

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