Preliminary Programme

Online format puts its limitations on what the audience can cope with. Therefore, we spread the conference events between three half-days. To accomodate for different time zones, two of them are taken in the European afternoon (=morning in Americas) and one in the European morning (=tolerable evening hours in Australia and Asia).

Note also that the parallel session presentations will be pre-recorded, meaning that you will have a possibility to see them even if you miss a session (Q&As will go live without recording).

10th November 2021

13:00-14:00 CET (time convertor)

Opening session

14:00-14:20 CET (time convertor)

Break & mingling

14:20-15:50 CET (time convertor)

Special session:Cycling in Corona time

15:50-16:10 CET (time convertor)

Break & mingling

16:10-17:10 CET (time convertor)

Parallel sessions

11th November 2021

13:00-13:30 CET (time convertor)

Keynote speech: Marco te Brömmelstroet (Netherlands)

13:30-13:50 CET (time convertor)

Break & mingling

13:50-14:50 CET (time convertor)

Parallel sessions

14:50-15:10 CET (time convertor)

Break & mingling

15:10-16:10 CET (time convertor)

Parallel sessions

16:10-16:30 CET (time convertor)

Break & mingling

16:30-17:30 CET (time convertor)

Parallel sessions

17:30-18:30 CET (time convertor)

Virtual Pub

12th November 2021

8:30-10:00 CET (time convertor)

10:00-10:20 CET (time convertor)

Break & mingling

10:20-10:50 CET (time convertor)

Keynote speech: Torkel Bjørnskau (Norway)

10:50-11:10 CET (time convertor)

Break & mingling

11:10-12:10 CET (time convertor)

Parallel sessions

12:10-12:30 CET (time convertor)

Closing session

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