ICSC conference partners with SpatialChat virtual networking platform to deliver social interactions similar to a real-life meeting experience.

Important: We organise several training sessions where you can test the software and directly ask questions.

3 Nov 2020, 15:00 CET (time convertor): focus on chairing the oral sessions

4 Nov 2020, 13:00 CET (time convertor): for poster/oral presenters (general intro)

4 Nov 2020, 15:00 CET (time convertor): keynote speakers & special sessions

5 Nov 2020, 8:30 CET (time convertor): for poster/oral presenters (general intro) – Australia/Asia friendly

8 Nov 2020, 13:00 CET (time convertor): keynote speakers & special sessions

8 Nov 2020, 16:00 CET (time convertor): for poster/oral presenters (general intro)

Just show up in the conference space to join the tour.

SOS line: In case of acute technical issues during the conference, call +46 70 91 26 336 (Tobias). There will be a help-person present in each conference room to address any other, non-acute questions.

Curious to try?

First, start by watching the original instruction video that will teach you all the basics that you need to know.

Then, have a look at our ICSC-adopted quick-start guide that specifically focuses on the presentation formats that the conference will use.

Finally, what is theory without practice? Test your new skills by diving into the conference cyber space. Invite some of your colleagues (they can use the same link) so that you actually can test the interactions in real time.

Important: During the conference, the space will be protected with a password. The password will be sent out to the registered participants few days before the conference start.

Technical tips (updated as we get more experience)

  • Avoid sharing (physical) office with other people who also attend the conference. Your voice picked up by several microphones will create sound cacophony.
  • Use headphones rather than external speakers.
  • The good old rule of keeping your microphone off when not talking is still valid.
  • SpatialChat recommends Google Chrome as the web-browser during the conference. It has been working well for us with Edge, too. However, in case you experience technical problems, changing the browser is the first thing to try.
  • Use a standard computer mouse with a wheel. While, theoretically, you can survive with a laptop touchpad, the experience is much more natural and seamless when you use a mouse.

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