Keynote speakers

Marco te Brömmelstroet
University of Amsterdam

Marco te Brömmelstroet holds the chair of UrbanMobility Futures at the University of Amsterdam. He studies the role of narratives and world views in our thinking and doing in the mobility domain. In his article ‘Framing Systemic Traffic Violence’, he critically examines the ways in which society talks about the decade-long and ongoing carnage in our public space. In his talk he will address how we implictly take this violence—and its systemic nature—for granted when we focus on individual behaviour in many traffic safety campaigns. Why haven’t we been succesfull in truly eradicating systemic violence from our doorsteps? And why do we try to teach people to cope with the machines rather than redesigning the machines to cope with human behavior?

Torkel Bjørnskau
Institute of Transport Economics

Torkel Bjørnskau has more than 30 years of experience in traffic and transport safety research and has been involved in numerous national and international research projects. His doctoral dissertation from 1994 was on the application of game theoretical models to study road user interaction, which he also has used to study cyclists interactions with other road users. Since 2007, Torkel has been the chief research officer responsible for the programs ‘Risk research across modes’, ‘Transport Safety’ and recently ‘Behaviour and transport’—in all of them having cycling behaviour and safety as the key elements.

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